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Have you been hurt in an accident, car crash or fall?
You may have a legal claim for compensation.
I can help with legal advice.

The Robert P. Ianelli Difference: My Our Efforts Are Tailored To Meet Your Specific Legal Needs

Attorney Robert P. Ianelli

After you’ve been hurt, you want to be reassured on your very real concerns. You may worry about not having made a legal claim before, lost wages, how you will pay for your medical care or lost time from work. At my firm, you aren’t just a file number but a real person – someone looking for answers to very difficult questions. Everyone wants to be understood so we listen carefully. We work hard to make the law work for you. Call me.

An unexpected accident can instantly change your life. Why go it alone?
Get the guidance and legal advice you need…
for the best possible results.

Serving Our Community for 42 Years.
Get the Guidance and Legal Help You Deserve.

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Did You Know?

Timing is critical. You may have as little as 90 days to commence a legal claim.

Call Your Attorney.

Refer all questions to your attorney before answering any questions from an insurance company or other representative.


¡Genial! Muy profesional y conocedor, te trata como en familia. Es un abogado maravilloso y tiene una esposa con la que también es bueno hablar. Definitivamente lo recomendaría a cualquiera que necesite un gran abogado, definitivamente vale la pena una visita.
- Robert N.

Recomiendo altamente al abogado Robert P. Ianelli, es muy profesional, amigable y fácil de trabajar. Él toma cada caso en serio, ya sea grande o pequeño. En mi experiencia con el abogado Robert P. Ianelli, él hace un esfuerzo adicional para sus clientes. También tiene un personal amable y profesional que siempre contesta el teléfono y devuelve su llamada de manera oportuna. Si quiere que su caso se haga correctamente, elija al abogado Robert P. Ianelli.
– Vincent D.



Not Sure Where to Begin? Call Me.

Let’s talk about your case. Consultations are free, and there are no legal costs unless we win. TAKE THE FIRST STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

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